Kill Culture

Cultural diversity is a good thing, humankind adopts better practices at a quicker pace because of it. However, not all cultures are worth having around.  Face it, some cultures promote selfishness, ignorance, and violent faiths.  These people are worth converting to a more rational condition.  Genocide misses the point.  If you don't like a people then convert them to your ways.  Killing someone because of their culture does not kill the culture.  Promoting a society structured on rational law, prohibiting religion, promoting love and compassion -these practices are much more likely to kill a culture.  Just look at the way American Jews have become accepted as "white" and tolerable as opposed to the Israeli Jews who no one likes.  Race is nothing, culture is everything.

    -The Unknown Philosopher

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Electro Sex

  Electro Music's repetitious beats and phrases remind us of the rhythmic pounding of sex -and this is why I love this music.

        -The Unknown Philosopher

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Tantric Sex

As apparent by their panache for the sexual arts, it is no wonder that India has so many fucking people.

          -The Unknown Philosopher

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Faith is a Disease

I am at war with Faith.  Faith is irrational.  Reason is the human quality that has helped us to prosper, Faith has been a disease.  Please go door to door and let your religious neighbor know that they are sick and need help, then give them a link to this blog.

        -The Unknown Philosopher

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Interracial Sex

Interracial sex is a good thing people!  Its the one thing slave owners did right.  Not only are purebred people boring to look at, they often end up deformed like the island of inbreds in Great Briton.  Take dogs for example.  People love making different breeds of dog fuck and then give the curious results a mixed label like "puggle" or "cheagle."  Sure, some weird organisms result from such freewheeling sexual activity, but oftentimes some very attractive products result.  So, humans, lets do it like the dogs, we already love the doggystyle sex position, and mix our races.  In the ideal world, seamen will be the currency -collected, traded, kept like seamonkeys.

          -The Unknown Philosopher

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Ancient Greek Butt-fuckers

The ancient Greek were so proud of their butt-fucking ability that they put it in their art.  Was this a representation of their skills or a mere posturing of alleged ability like the modern small-penised dudes who put someone else's 12-incher as their profile picture to make them feel good about themselves?  Since homosexual art of the same vein (pun intended) has been found, we can assume that the ancient greek were indeed good at anal sex, if not masters at the art.

          -The Unknown Philosopher

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Fat Women are Never Attractive

Fat women are never attractive.  I love boobs, but common.  The way the hips and face swell -gross. I believe it was the famous woman philosopher Kate Moss who said: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."  I would like to add to that by saying: "Nothing looks as good as a skinny girl."  Fat women either have attitudes of gross superiority or are shameful and their psychology is broken beyond repair.

         -The Unknown Philosopher

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