Kill Culture

Cultural diversity is a good thing, humankind adopts better practices at a quicker pace because of it. However, not all cultures are worth having around.  Face it, some cultures promote selfishness, ignorance, and violent faiths.  These people are worth converting to a more rational condition.  Genocide misses the point.  If you don't like a people then convert them to your ways.  Killing someone because of their culture does not kill the culture.  Promoting a society structured on rational law, prohibiting religion, promoting love and compassion -these practices are much more likely to kill a culture.  Just look at the way American Jews have become accepted as "white" and tolerable as opposed to the Israeli Jews who no one likes.  Race is nothing, culture is everything.

    -The Unknown Philosopher

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 10:54 PM

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